Online Solutions

Grahall Online Solutions, LLC

Grahall Online Solutions is a distinctive suite of web-based tools targeted to human resource professionals, executives, and Directors to assist with executing key business, people and reward strategy work.  As such, Online Solutions gives professionals access to an indispensible suite of web-based tools for performing critical rewards activities.  These tools help users achieve a new level of self-reliance and sophistication, with every application used.

Click here to download a featured online tool: Grahall Board of Directors Effectiveness Tool

Organization, relations, and rewards activities that drive business decisions throughout the organization is high-stakes – it is a key driver in a company’s ability to maximize its potential and return true value to its stakeholders. Over the course of 50 years of combined experience, Grahall consultants have developed comprehensive processes, methodologies and statistical analyses that address a company’s unique situation and facilitate a better linkage between a company’s human capital and its performance. Few corporate offices can match this integration of knowledge and method, and data – even when calling on high paid consultant specialists.

Grahall Online Solutions for the Web has digitized the collection of valuable diagnostic and analytical tools, methodologies, processes, and reports – and designed them in user-friendly format that can be accessed by end users in an interactive environment over the internet at . The materials are clustered around ‘Solutions’ – the most recurrent, high-value deliverables that human resource professionals are called-on to prepare and implement.

Online Solutions for the Web pushes the boundaries of what technology can offer – and the goal is create a truly unparalleled user experience, emphasizing ease of access, the ability to collaborate with peers, and, executives, and to have effortless Web access to Grahall Consultants.

For more information, please contact Michael Dennis Graham.