Grahall’s 2nd Webinar on Health Care Reform Reveals Key Provisions that You Must Address NOW


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Ask the Expert about Health Care Reform Legislation

There are no fewer than 20 key provisions of the health care reform legislation that take effect between now and January 1, 2011.  These provisions were thoroughly discussed during the second in a series of webinars sponsored by Grahall, LLC held June 2, 2010.   Presenters  Robert Cirkiel, Chief Actuary, UHY Advisors, Todd C. McDonald, President, Aisling Partners Insurance Brokerage and  Pate Steele, Consultant, Grahall Consulting Partners advised webinar participants that that these changes are significant and extensive. Developing a full understanding of these provisions is critical for employers to ensure the optimal approach is taken to addressing the new requirements including:

1 Grandfathers existing programs
2 Changes adult dependent coverage
3 Provides small business tax credits
4 Establishes new reporting requirements (such as W-2)
5 Ends rescissions
6 Prohibits discrimination against children with pre-existing conditions
7 Provides help for uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions until exchange is available (interim high-risk pool)
8 Prohibits discrimination based on salary
9 Establishes new, independent appeals process
10 Provides help for early retirees
11 Bans lifetime limits on coverage
12 Bans restrictive annual limits on coverage
13 Provides free preventive care under new private plans
14 Provides free preventive care under MediCare
15 Begins to close the MediCare Part D “donut hole”
16 Ensures value for premium payments
17 Provides health insurance consumer information
18 Holds insurance companies accountable for unreasonable rate hikes
19 Makes certain changes to HSAs, FSAs and MSAs
20 Makes certain changes to cafeteria plans

To learn more about the legislation and how it impacts you, download information from the first and second seminars in this series including an audio recording of the discussions, all presentation materials, and other information at

You can also contact the presenters to discuss your specific situation and concerns:

Contact Robert Cirkiel at   or 201 337 0009
Contact  Todd C. McDonald at or 508 799 9100
Contact Pate Steele at or 508 269 4065

To contact Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board email Edie Kingston at

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