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The Science and Art of Executive Coaching


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A practical and realistic approach to effective coaching for senior managers and leaders in your organization is available to you. Whether you are considering one to one coaching for yourself, a valued contributor, or are interested in building an internal coaching group “The Science and Art of Executive Coaching“ is worth a look.

There can be a clear line of sight from Organization Development to Leadership Development to Executive (or high level) Coaching. My Six Step Model to Executive Coaching has led to many successful coaching outcomes. It integrates the science and the art of coaching into a powerful and effective approach.

Click here to read more about my Six Step Model.

Whether it is individual coaching or the enhancement of coaching skills within an organization, The Science and Art of Executive Coaching is a proven and successful methodology offered by Grahall.

And for more information check out my videos at:

Introduction to The Science and Art of Executive Coaching
The Science and Art of Executive Coaching Part 1
The Science and Art of Executive Coaching Part 2

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We Guessed It!


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Jamie Dimon won re-election to the JPM Board “by a landslide” of just under 68% of the votes ensuring that he will continue to hold the both the CEO and Chairman posts. We certainly are not surprised, and predicted this on our blog Now That’s a Tempest in a Teapot.
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It is Absolutely All Relative


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There are important question shareholders, boards, the media, and the public should be asking when it comes to CEO pay, but it’s not necessarily “how much”.  In her April 6, 2013 article for the New York Times, If Shareholders Say ‘Enough Already,’ the Board May Listen Gretchen Morgenson writes, “Last year, the median chief executive at a United States company with more than $5 billion in revenue received about $14 million, 2.8 percent more than in 2011, according to an annual pay analysis conducted by Equilar. The 2012 increase, though relatively modest, still represents a raise for most of those who inhabit the corner office (and whose companies had filed the data by the end of March)…. Do this year’s figures show any evidence of progress toward a new pay paradigm? You know, where the gap between the compensation of executives and workers narrows, or where company directors put shareholders’ interests before those of the hired hands?” 
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